If you’re an Amazon seller, reviews are the lifeblood of your business.

The social proof they provide is the only way your customers can differentiate your quality products from the great mass of similar products that are poorly made from inferior materials.

If you’re looking at Feedback Robot, you’ve probably looked at other products intended to help you turn satisfied customers into the reviews you need to grow your business.

I know you have because I’m an Amazon seller, too, and I’ve looked at them all.

They all have one (or both) of two problems. They limit the e-mails you can send, or they charge an exorbitant monthly fee.

Feedback Robot does neither. There’s a one-time fee of $49.

That will get you a one-year license that includes all software updates, online support, and access to our knowledgebase that will help you increase the number and quality of the reviews you receive.

After twelve months, you’re free to continue using Feedback Robot to generate reviews.

If you wish to continue to receive software updates, online support, and knowledgebase access, that’s a mere $49 per year, or about four dollars a month. Compare that to what those other services charge.

And we don’t limit the number of e-mails you can send.

I was incensed when a service wanted to charge me more just so I could send e-mails to all of my customers. They’re my customers! I shouldn’t need to pay someone else to contact them!

With Feedback Robot, you won’t. We don’t limit the number of e-mails you can send in a day, in a month, or in a year, and we never will.

We don’t restrict the number of campaigns you can run.

We make it simple to send entire campaigns to every customer you’ve ever had with our templates and built-in editor.

Here’s the simple facts.

If you want to sell on Amazon, you need reviews. We’ll help you get more reviews for less, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do yourself a favor and buy Feedback Robot today(https://feedbackrobot.com/pricing/).

Cut down on your Amazon business expenses without sacrificing the follow-up email system.

Contact us for any inquiry. You can’t afford to wait.

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