How to add email templates to campaign

Click on Feedback Robot >> Campaigns

Go to Feedback Robot >> Campaigns

You’ll be presented with a list of added campaigns.

Click on the campaign title you want to add email template.

Click on campaign title to add email templates

This will show you all the possible actions for this particular campaign.

Click on “Add Campaign Email”.

Click on Add Campaign Email

Wait for a few seconds and a new email template form will appear.

Add email template form

Follow the steps below to add this new email to the current campaign window.

1. Delete

This button will delete the current generate form. You need this if you don’t want to add new email, but clicked the “Add Campaign Email” button.

2. Active

Select Yes/No. Whether this email template will be sent or not? In case, you are working on draft and is not ready to send this email, you can select NO.

3. Send After

How many days after, this email will be sent, once the order is shipped to the customer.

4. Email Subject

Enter a subject for your email. You can use the shortcodes provided by feedback robot here.

5. Message Body

Enter your email content. You can use the shortcodes provided by feedback robot here.

Note that you can add email content using the html editor also. You’ll have the option to switch between visual OR text mode present at top right corner of this inputbox.

And when you have added all the details, hit “Add Email” at bottom.

Your new email will be added to the bottom of this campaign window.

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