How to configure general settings

Click on Feedback Robot >> Settings >> General Tab

Click on Feedback Robot >> Settings

Click on General tab

General settings are divided into two sections: Email settings & Background Tasks.

Lets go through each section one by one.

Email settings

Feedback Robot will use credentials from this settings to send emails to your Amazon customers. However, you can skip this, if you want to use Amazon SES to send emails.

To configure SES Details, click here.

We highly recommend to use SES for sending emails to Amazon customers. There are a lot of benefits using SES. Your email delivery is guaranteed, can send large volume of emails at just a fraction of cost and a lot more.

There is no reason you will not use SES and our plugin works just perfect with Amazon SES emailing system.

On the other side, if you prefer to use wordpress default email system, please make sure you are allowed to send large no. of emails(if you require) per day from you hosting provider, as most of the hosting companies limit this for shared account.

Now on to configuring the settings.

Email Settings form

1. Log Sent Emails

Select Yes/No. Default is N0.

This will enable/disable the option to save the sent emails to the database. We recommend to set it to No.

You can always see the sent emails to the customer at seller central message page.

Saving emails to the database will actually increase the database size and will gradually slow down your site, but choice is yours.

2. From Name

This will be the name customers will see in their mailbox when you send them an email.

3. From Email

Enter the email address you want to send email from to your amazon customers. This email address must be added inside the Amazon Sellercentral, otherwise no email will be sent.

Background Tasks

This section manages the tasks required to run in background for orders and emails.

Background tasks

1. Order Check Interval

The time interval to check for new amazon orders. Depending on your orders, you can set this to hourly to daily.

If you have large volumes of orders per day(and we always pray for this), you need to set this interval to minimum.

Leave it to default, if you are not sure about order interval.

2. Email Schedule Check Interval

Time interval to check for new email schedules. Once a new order is imported into the system, it get passed to the email schedule check to see if any email needs to be added to the email queue.

Default interval: 15 Min.

3. Email Batch Sending Interval

Emails are sent in batch. This settings determines the time interval to send each batch emails.

Default interval: 5 Min.

Once you have entered all the required details, click the “Update Settings” at the right side of your screen.

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