How to configure SES details settings

Click on Feedback Robot >> Settings

Click on Feedback Robot >> Settings

Now Click on “SES Detail” tab.

Click on SES Detail tab

Please note that once you add the ses detail, all the admin notices will be gone.

Ses Email Detail Form

1. Use SES to send mail

Select Yes/No. This option will enable you to send email using Amazon ses.

If “No” is selected, Feedback Robot will use the WordPress default email system to send emails to amazon customers.

2. From Name

Enter a from name that will appear inside the customer mailbox.

3. From Email

Enter the email address you want to sent email from. Please note that this email must be white-listed/added inside Amazon sellercentral to send emails to customers and must also be verified email address in SES console.

See how to verify email address in Amazon seller central here.

See how to verify email address in Amazon Ses here.

4. SES Region

SES region, Aws Access Key ID and Secret Key can be received from AWS console page.

You need to register for aws services on Amazon AWS page – Or if you have already registered, log in to console here –

Amazon Aws website

Enter your login details as shown below.

Login or Register to AWS account

Search for IAM in the input box and click on the IAM page presented below.

Search for IAM

Click on Users.

Click on Users

Now click on “Add users”.

Click on Add user

Enter a username you would like, enable programmatic access and click on “Next:permissions” as shown below.

Enter username & enable Programmatic access

Click on “Attach existing policies directly”.

Click on Attach existing policies directly

Search for “ses” in the filter policy type box and enable “AmazonSESFullAccess”.

Search ses & enable AmazonSESFullAccess

Click on “Next: Review”.

Click on Next: Review

Click “Create user”.

Click Create user

Once the user is created you’ll be presented with a page containing the Access key ID & Secret access Key.

Click on “Download .csv” to download the details and note down the Access key & Secret key. You’ll need these details to fill the ses details here.

Note the Access key & Secret key

You need to know your SES region you have been registered for.

To know your ses region, go at the top of your screen.

You’ll see a region name, after your AWS username. Click on it.

For. ex, the screenshot below has the region as “Oregon”. Your’s might be different.

Amazon SES region

See which region you are active in and select the same SES region in this box.

5. AWS Access Key ID

Enter your AWS Access Key ID that you have got following the steps above, while registering.

6. Secret Key

Enter your SES Secret Key from above.

After entering all of the above details correct, click “Add Ses Detail”.

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