How to install Feedback Robot on your domain

Installing Feedback Robot is very simple. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of feedback robot from your account.

If you haven’t downloaded yet, please download it here: Download Feedback Robot

Login to your WordPress site.

Once you are inside Dashboard, navigate to Plugins >> Add New

Click on Plugins >> Add New

You’ll see an “Add Plugins” page.

Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top left corner next to the Add Plugins heading text.

Click on Upload Plugin

Click “Browse…” and a file selection pop-up box will appear.

Click Browse

Select the feedback robot plugin you have already downloaded and click open.

Select the downloaded file

Now click on “Install Now” button next to the “Browse…”.

Click Install Now

WordPress will automatically unpack the zip file and will install the plugin for you.

If everything went well, you’ll see a menu named “Feedback Robot” in the left sidebar of the your dashboard.

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